Video Recorder on the iPhone via QuickPWN

Back when I had my 2G iPhone I would regularly jailbreak it to take advantage of the various 3rd party apps that were available via The most useful of these apps was the iPhone Video Recorder which does exactly as it says – it allows you to record video on your iPhone. Having a video camera in your pocket proves to be useful when you have kids and want to capture those memorable moments that often happen when you DON’T have a video camera around. I like the application so much that I actually bought a license for the full unlocked version.

Anyway, the guys that developed the iPhone video recorded recently updated it to run on the 2.0+ firmware so I took the plunge and used QuickPWN to jailbreak my 3G iPhone. It was pretty simple to do and I was able to find the video camera app on Cydia and install it. The only hitch I encountered was that my unlock code that I had purchased does not work on this latest version of the video camera app. I have a support email into them for a new code so I can take video past their 30 second trial block.

One of the feature of the video camera app is the ability to upload your videos directly to YouTube from your iPhone. I shot the below video on my 2G iPhone a while back:

While it’s not the best resolution and is only recorded at 15fps it is still pretty cool. Also YouTube does it’s un-magic my re-encoding it to the Flash format which is not all that great. When I download the original mp4 files down to my computer and view them there they actually look pretty good. I really hope that either the iPhone Video Recorder team or Apple come out with a video app that can do at least 24fps as that would really be nice.