The “C” Word Hits Home

It has taken me a month to write this post.

A month ago I went to the doctor with what I thought was an ulcer. While explaining the issues with my stomach to my doctor she looked at me an said “You look very pale”. After a quick blood test she had me admitted to th hospital as I was extremely anemic. At the hospital I received 4 units of blood and a syringe full of iron over the course of a few days. During that same time the doctor performed an endoscopy to look down my throat to see if I did indeed have an ulcer causing blood loss. Unfortunately I did not. What they did find was a tumor in my esophagus and told me that I had Esophageal Cancer.

I was shocked to say the least.

I think it has taken me up until now to decide if I wanted to blog about it. I know I have been scared as this is a whole new world to me. Up until this time I had never been in the hospital. Now I am facing something that I never thought I would face in my life.

During the last few weeks I have written in a private journal and that has helped me when times have gotten tough. My hope is that be writing about my experience publicly that I can keep folks up to date about my status and bring encouragement to those who may unfortunately find themselves in a similar situation. I know that I have done a lot of searching online and have found little in the way of personal information about how to fight this. My hope is that others will not have that same difficulty.

I will be setting up a dedicated page on this site to bring all the info together about my fight and will announce when it is available. I thank you for you prayers and support as my family and I go through this battle.

  1. Allison says:

    Hi Dan, what stage were you diagnosed in and what was your TNM score?