Propel Fitness Water – My New Energy Drink

220px-Berry_Propel_6_Pack I used to be a die-hard Red Bull drinker. I would usually have one after lunch just to get me through the rest of the day. About a month ago I grabbed a Propel Fitness Water because the store didn’t have Vitamin Water and Gatorade is too sweet for me. I was pleasantly surprised by it’s taste and the fact that it gave me energy like the Red Bull but without the crash at the end.

Now I am a daily Propel drinker. I do have a Red Bull on occasion but not like I used to. Propel is even easier to drink now that I I discovered that they have it in powder form as well. Now I just go fill a cup up with ice, dump the little package of powder on it, and then fill it with hot water which melts the majority of the ice. This makes an instant refreshing drink. That coupled with the fact that you can get a box of 8 of the packets for $3 makes it a great alternative to Red Bull.

After going back and reading this I realize that it sounds very much like a commercial but I assure you that it isn’t. I just really like Propel.

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