My Official Treatment Plan and Start Date

So I just got the final word on the what and when in regard to my treat plan. The 6 week chemo and radiation treatment plan is still in place but with a twist. See I am to have chemo on the first and last week of the 6 week plan. But during those weeks I am supposed to be getting chemo for a 16 hour period each day. On top of that I am supposed to make it to get zapped by radiation each day as well. We asked our nurse about the logistical part of this yesterday and she said she would work it out with the doctor and call us.

Well the doctor himself called today and said if I still want the 6 week treatment plan that I would need to be admitted to the hospital for the 1st and 6th week of treatment. The reason for this is that the standard chemo treatment office is only open regular business hours Monday through Friday. If I am admitted they can administer continuously like it needs to be done. He offered me that or a 3 month treatment plan where I have to carry a pump around with me.

We chose the 6 week plan.

The first reason for this is that I get the treatment done in half the time. The other benefit is if I do have an complications and/or pain I am there and they can help me with whatever I need. Sure it will be a week in the hospital but I think it is the best place for me to get this done. Also, they will ferry me each day to the radiation a couple blocks away so I will be getting the royal treatment.

Currently the doctor is looking at when I can be admitted but he is shooting Monday the 26th. We should hear back from him soon to confirm it.

  1. Biren Shah says:

    Hey Dan,

    We are all rooting for you here. All the very best and please keep in touch and update us on your progress.

    Best Wishes,