More Changes – Ciliac Disease and a Gluten Free Diet

As mentioned in my post on Friday it has been confirmed that I have celiac disease. The weird part about celiac disease is that it is more of an allergy then anything else. I guess they may call it a disease because there is no cure for it. There is a treatment though and that is a gluten free diet.

When I was at my appointment with my GI doctor on Friday I asked him if my esophageal cancer could have been related to my celiac disease. At the time he said no. But, later that afternoon he called me to say that he could be wrong. After I had left my appointment he was so perplexed about my case that he started doing research. In his research he found a study in Europe that did link Celiac disease to possible esophageal cancer.

Needless to say that motivated me to look into this gluten free diet a little more.

My First Day as Gluten Free

My first day of my gluten free world was the next day – Saturday. It started out terrible.

I went downstairs to eat breakfast and realized that I could not have any of the 5 different types of cereal when had in the house since they all had wheat in them. I proceeded to cook (let’s say try) some hash browns and sausage – they were terrible because I am not the best cook.

From there we were out all day doing things with the kids. The only things I found during the day that I could eat was some popcorn and Cool Ranch Doritos. By 5pm I was hungry and hating life. This gluten free thing sucked!

I decided that there had to be food out there somewhere for me to eat so I turned to Google. A few short searches later and a visit to some of my favorite restaurant’s websites my sanity was restored. Chili’s, Pei Wei, Chipotle, and Freebirds all had gluten free menus. I opted for Chili’s and gorged my self with a strawberry lemonade and their Margarita Chicken (without the tortilla strips). The best thing about this is that I usually got the Margarita Chicken at Chili’s anyway.

After I ate I went to the grocery store and spent some time reading labels and ended up with:

  • Corn Checks
  • Cinnamon Checks
  • Doritos Toasted Corn Tortilla Chips
  • El Miliagro Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Velveeta Mexican Cheese (for queso)
  • Yoplait Strawberry yogurt
  • Hillshire Farms sliced ham
  • Hillshire Farms smoked sausage

Not too bad. It was actually a whole lot easier then I thought to read the labels on things to determine whether they were either gluten free and/or contained wheat products. In fact the majority of labels that I read actually come right out and tell you if they have allergens. I guess other popular allergens are Soy and Milk as well.

So I ended my first gluten free day a little happier. I was glad that I wasn’t going to starve to death.

We have a Sprouts grocery store not to far from us. I will be checking them out as well to see what other gluten free things I can find. I hear that there is gluten free bread and pasta as well. I wouldn’t mind check them out!