I’ve Been Pegged and Ported

Well today was the very first surgery of my life.

I have to admit that I was very nervous.

I think I was nervous about having a “real” surgery to begin with but also nervous about the results of the surgery as well. The results of the surgery were putting a port for my chemo treatment and a feeding tube (PEG tube) in my stomach. The thought of various tubes permanently hanging out of my body was kind of freaking me out. My wife was there by my side until they wheeled me away though and helped me to stay strong.

Upon waking up I was no longer freaked out but felt pretty good about what had taken place (I think the pain medication may have helped).

I think the main reason for this switch is that the anticipation of the unknown was now gone and so I could focus on the benefits of the work which was done. I think I am more excited about the feeding tube then the chemo port. The reason for this is that I have had trouble eating for a while and it had been getting worse. With the tube I will be able to get the food into my system that I need without struggling.

With the chemo port I am told that I will not need anymore IV’s so that is a bonus. IV’s and shots are my least favorite part of this experience so far but as bad as they are they don’t comapare to the…


Those things freak me out. Everytime they start to fill up with air and sweeze my arm I get really uneasy. I was telling my mom about it and she started to laugh. The reason for her laughter was a story she told me from when I was young.

When I was 5-6 years old I went to the drug store with my mom to pickup a prescription. At this store they had one of those blood pressure machines where you stick your arm in it and press the button to get your blood pressure. Me being the curious fellow that I was decided to see what this thing was all about despite the warnings from my mom to leave it alone.

I of course didn’t head my mom’s warnings and so as soon as she turned her back I let it rip. The thing was though I didn’t know that it filled up with air and locked you arm in while it got your pressure. The next thing my mom new I was screaming bloody murder and was practically gnawing my arm off trying to get out of it. Oh, and these were the days before they had the emergency release button for such occasions.

So there I am screaming my head off and people are rushing from all parts of the store to see who sounds like they are stuck in a bear trap. Everyone was trying to find an off switch when one valiant hero found the cord plugged into the wall and yanked it. The machine released me from it death grip and I was finally free.

As my mom was telling I tried remembering any portion of this story but could not recount any of it. I guess maybe it was such a tramatic event that I blocked it out of my mind. My body remembers it though. Eveytime that thing starts to tighten up by body tenses up and I start to sweat. Oh yes, it remembers.

Anyway, today started out a little rough but is ending on a good note. I went through my first surgery, have what I need to eat and get treatment, and I survied another bought with the blood presure cuff. I will live to fight another day!