Iron Man – One of the Best Movies I Have Seen in a Long Time

ironman Last night my wife and I went to the movies and saw Iron Man. Now I had never followed Iron Man in the comic book or had even seen very many of the previews. I like the majority of the comic book to big screen movies they have been doing lately so i hoped that this one would be good.

Not only was it the best comic book to big screen movies I have seen it is one of my all-time favorites!

There are many reason why I like this movie so much. Here are few:

  1. The Wit – I love the wit in the movie. Robert Downey Jr does any excellent job of being conceited but charming at the same time. He is a bad boy who knows his stuff and believes and can do anything.
  2. The Plot – A great story line. It never felt slow, predictable, or confusing. It had me thinking that certain things may happen but then other things did. It was a real story and was very blatant about the fact that there will be a sequel.
  3. The Action – Great action. Not the same shoot’em up in every scene but different things happening at different times. Great interaction with modern-day military hardware.
  4. The Special Effects – Seamless. The computer animation was completely awesome. There are scenes now where they looked completely real but it is possible that they were entirely computer animated.
  5. The Suit – The suit is bad-ass. It is not only functional but has some style to it.

I will definitely be buying this DVD when it comes out and am looking forward to the sequel when it comes out.

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