IPhone 2.0 Apps Crashing – My First Real Complaint

So I am currently on a layover in Chicago on my way to Washington DC and during my flight I could not get one third party app to work.

Now these are sanctioned apps downloaded from the app store that I I am talking about (not jailbroken apps, my phone is not jailbroken). Evey app would take me back to the screen. At first I thought that it might be because I was playing my iPod while trying to run apps but after I got it fixed I can listen to music and blog at the same time.

The way that I was able to fix it (for some of the apps) was that I deleted my WordPress app and then reinstalled it. That caused the majority but not all of the apps to start working again. Evernote is still crashing to the desktop.

I think the possible cause could be the fact that before I got on the plane I synced my phone and the shut my MacBook down with my iPhone still plugged in. It is pretty lame if that is the cause but that is the only thing out of the ordinary that I have done.

Well I am off to DC. Hopefully I can play a game or two on the way there.