I Picked Up Another Acer Aspire One Netbook

acer-aspire-one-d260 Yep, after almost 2 years of getting rid of the first Acer Aspire One netbook I picked up another one a few days ago. The reason fro picking up another netbook was that I have been having issues running Windows in Parallels on my MacBook. The reason for running Windows is to check how websites look in IE 7, 8, and soon to be 9 when I am working on them.

Why I Chose Another Aspire One

I spent several hours researching netbooks to try to find the one that had the best performance verses for factor. Because netbooks are so small the size of the keyboard and mouse are pretty important and do very significantly from model to model. Also there is a divide right now between model where some run Windows XP and others run Windows 7. I had been running Windows 7 on my MacBook so I wanted a netbook with Windows 7 as well.

After all on my research I initially thought that I wanted to get the Dell Mini 10. It seemed to have the best reviews but after I got my hands on one at Best Buy I didn’t like it. The main reason was that it seemed thicker then the HP and Acer (I have never like Asus so I was not considering them) but the main reason was the mouse. It was so small that it was difficult to use. I considered the HP after using it but the screen just did not seem as sharp as the Dell.

Best Buy did not have any Acer netbooks so I made my way to Fry’s. There I got to play with the HP, Dell, and the Acer side-by-side. The Acer seemed to have the best screen, keyboard, and mouse size compared to the other two. The only thing that I did not like about the Acer was that the mouse was not smooth but had little divots in it. It was not a deal breaker but I moved on to find one at a good price.

Chose the Acer – Looking for a Deal

My price journey took me to both Target and Walmart where I ended up buying a D260 at Walmart for $270. This is the model that was just released back in June so it was the latest and greatest. The one at Target was actually $20 less but it was the model that came out in December last year and also had the mouse with the divots. Having a more comfortable mouse for $20 was worth it to me.

Making it Mine

At home I took all the bloat wear it had on it and installed programs that I would use. I tried to keet in mind the purpose of this computer. It is not a replacement for my MacBook, it is a supplement. The unfortunate truth is that this is mostly a Windows world and I need to play in it so I need a Windows computer. I don’t have to have Windows as my primary operating system but I still need it. The idea behind the Windows netbook is checking website compatibility, surfing, checking email , and the occasional blog post (like this one).

The cool thing is that I had a license for Windows 7 Professional  and was able to use it to upgrade the Acer from Windows 7 Starter. Just in trying to personalize the Acer I was hitting Starter’s limitations. The cooler thing is that I was able to use the Windows Anytime Upgrade to do the switch. It took about an hour but I didn’t have to use my DVD at all to do the upgrade. Windows was able to do it on it’s own.

I put the usual programs on it such as Microsoft Office, Picasa, and Dropbox. I didn’t put Dreamweaver or Photoshop on it because I am not sure if it could handle it and that is not what I have this for. If I ever have the need for some reason I will figure it out then.

Props to Windows 7

I feel weird saying this but I have to give props to Windows 7. I think it is everything that they wanted Vista to be. I have been using it on My MacBook for a while and the issues that I have had I blame on trying to do too much with my MacBook. Yes, Windows still installs updates all the time which takes over your computer but that is just par for the course. This little laptop runs great with it’s little processor and it measly 1GB of RAM. That is a testament in my book to the fact that Windows 7 is a great operating system.


I am extremely happy with my New Acer Aspire One D260. It is a great little machine at a great price. It is not a full system replacement but is a great computer having sit next to my main machine. I believe that if I keep my expectations in the right place with this computer that I will be happy with it for a long time to come.

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