I Caved and Got an iPhone 3G

I know, I know. I said that I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone but get an MSI Wind instead. See there were a couple of different events that lead me down the iPhone path instead and now I do have the 3g and I won’t be getting the Wind.

The first was that I took the Mac Mini out of my son’s room and put it in my office which is downstairs. He had been playing too many video games and although they were educational we noticed that he was not that interested in regular toys as much. A four year old that wants to play video games and not with toys can be tough to handle.

With the Mac Mini downstairs my wire then had a computer to do small tasks with without going upstairs (the kids can be easier to handle downstairs. I asked her whether she felt that we still need the Wind and she said no.

All of that lead up to us being on vacation last week and my birthday happen to be on that Monday. I mentioned to her whether she would mind if I got it and she said sure. I waited for 2 hours last Saturday night and scored a black 8GB model.

I have to say that I really like it. The GPS came in really handy on our vacation and the 3G was fast where you could get it (3G coverage is terrible in Northern California compared to the Austin area). The other thing I like about it is the plastic back instead of the aluminum one of the first generation. I had a rubber case on my first generation one because it was so slippery. With this one I don’t have a case and do not plan to get one.

All in all I am glad that I got it. I have already sold my 1st generation iPhone and my wife has already put in her order (with me) for a 3G. We are thinking of giving her phone (unactivated) to my son as a gaming console since he has taken a liking to a couple of games that I have loaded on my phone from the App Store. We will see about that 😉 .