I Am Done with Chemo and Radiation!

victoryThis morning I finished the last dose of chemo and on Friday last week I finished my last does of radiation. In all I had 12 chemo and 25 radiation doses.

How do I feel?

I feel great.

I feel better now then I did at any other point of treatment which is pretty amazing since I currently have the highest doses of treatment “affecting” my body right now. I am able to swallow better then I have been able to in a long while even though my throat is probably swollen from the radiation. What this all means to me is that it only gets better from here.

From this point on I will be focusing on transitioning from taking food via my PEG tube to taking it all by mouth. I want to get rid of the tube as soon as I can.

Where do we go from here?

I should have a follow up appointment within the next week with my Oncologist to see how I am doing. At that point we should schedule the PET/CT scan to see if there is an active cancer left in the body. If there isn’t then we will schedule a scope of my throat to do a visual inspection. If they do find anything in either test then they will want to talk about surgery but I am praying that they don’t find anything. My Oncologist has started to sound optimistic that forgoing surgery is a possibility.

If I don’t need surgery then that should mean that I could return to the working world sometime after the first of the year which would be nice.

I have to say that I am extremely happy that things have gone as well as they have and expect that trend to continue.