Early Update to the iPhone 2.0 Firmware, with a Little Scare

4255-500 I could not resist. Mac Rumors found the pre-release version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware and I had to install it. My phone was Jailbroken so i had to do a restore to the regular 1.1.4 version firmware and then upgrade to 2.0.

Everything went well for the most part except for the fact that my mail application would not work. If I clicked the mail icon it would half-load the mail app and then crash to the desktop. I tried restoring – twice – without the issue being resolved. I did multiple searches on Mac Rumor, Gizmodo, and the Apple Support forums and nobody was having this issue so I knew it was an isolated issue.

I did come across some other folks who could not receive incoming calls (but could make them out) and it was suggested to them to re-download the update and re-restore from there. I tried this and am happy to say that it worked – my mail app does what it is supposed to and now I can check multiple emails at one time to either delete or move them to a fold.

Other things that I have noticed is that the keyboard seems more zippy and passwords now have their characters changed to dots after a few seconds to mask them much in the way that a standard Mac or PC does. Safari does seem quicker as well.

But that’s not the best part – Official 3rd Party Apps Rock!

I have already downloaded 6 of them ranging from AOL radio (KROQ from So Cal streams quite nicely) and I am eager to check out the blogging app by Six Apart.

I was really sweating it there for a while especially since I am packing up to leave on vacation this afternoon and the thought of no email access was freaking me out. I thought I may have to go buy a 3G iPhone just to have it (that is not exactly the end of the world).

Anyway, the iPhone 2.0 firmware rocks and it is enough to keep me tied over until the 32GB version of the iPhone comes out.

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