Back In The Hospital

Yep, I am in the emergency room right now waiting to get admitted to the hospital. I had be feeling pretty wore out for the last two days and developed a fever last night. Basically fevers and cancer treatment recovery are something to be concerned about so the wife and I went to the emergency room to be on the safe side.

After checking my blood they found that I have some sort of infection and my white blood count is low. With that they are admitting me to give me some antibiotics and something to raise my white count. I just hope the food is better here at the Round Rock Seton hospital then it was in the Austin one ;-).

I feel alright but but have no energy and if I get up too quick I start to black out. The doctor here says that is par for the course being 3 weeks out of treatment. Oh well.

It looks like I will be here in the hospital a few days while they give me the meds.