Anticipating the iPhone 2.0 Release I am an avid user of my iPhone. My life is completely intertwined with my iPhone. I check the weather on it at night before I go to bed. It wakes me up in the morning. I read all of my RSS feeds on it along with email, text, … you get the idea.

Well the rumors have been flying around that the next version of the iPhone is eminent. This new version is supposed to have 3G and GPS. It is also rumored that it could be selling for less then the first generation iPhones. The recent shortage of the first gen iPhones in Europe and Apple her in the States points to the fact that we could see iPhone 2.0 any day now.

photoAs cool as 3G, GPS, and more memory would be it is the official support for 3rd party applications that I am looking forward to. I have had my phone jailbroken for quite some time so I have a plethora of 3rd party apps on my phone already. Some of the apps are so useful that I would be willing to pay money for them but… I do not look forward to firmware updates that are going to add more functionality to my phone but break my paid-for apps.

I have already put the hints in to my wife that the new version is coming out and that I would like to get it for my Fathers Day/Anniversary/Birthday present and she seems open to it. I don’t see myself jumping on it right away unless the come out of the gate with official video camera software. If they do have that I would no doubt pay for the software plus the cost of a new iPhone as well (I would need the extra memory for video of course 😉 ).

20071014-camera_small_open The video camera would be used to capture those moments with the kids where the regular camera is just too big, not appropriate, or not around. Having a good quality camera phone has caught some really cool moments with my kids and I would like to do the same with video. The other use for a camera on my iPhone would be to strap it to my RC Airplane to take aerial video. I have already tried 2 different cameras for this that didn’t work all that great but I think the iPhone is light and small enough that it would work great.

Anyway, daily I pour over my feeds to see if the new iPhone has been released into the with the patient expectation of a true Apple Fanboy.

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