Alternative Esophageal Cancer Treatment Methods

In looking through the stats on this site and doing some Google searches as a result I came across a couple of alternative non-surgical treatments for esophageal cancer that I had not heard of before. As mentioned before I have opted to not have surgery at this stage because the deficits seem to outweigh the benefits of surgery and my Oncologist does not feel it is necessary.

The article is from The University of Maryland Medical Center and has a couple of different methods outlined. Both are done via an endoscopy and I believe they do not require chemo or radiation.

The first is called Cryotherapy Ablation and  uses liquid nitrogen where it is sprayed on the bad cells to kill them. This procedure is repeated every 4-6 weeks until all the bad cells are gone. They say it usually takes 3-4 treatments.

The second is called Photodynamic Therapy and uses a laser which kills the bad cells. The article mentions that this is a more accurate treatment but does not mention how many session are needed. The major side effect of this is that it uses a light sensitive drug and so you cannot go out into direct sunlight for 4-6 weeks after treatment.

Here is a link to the article:

Also, they have a cool little video on the right side of the article on how the Cryotherapy Ablation is done.

Here are some other resources that I found as well: