Acer Aspire One – The Perfect Vacation Computer

image As mentioned before my wife and I are down in El Salvador. After a little hesitation  decided to our Aspire One with us. I am glad that I did. Due to where we are you don’t want to carry a computer around with you everywhere. The first reason forth that is that you are on vacation. The second is safety.

After a few days here I have a pretty good feel for the area that we are in so my wife and I ventured to a ciber cafe where they let me plug into their network. Really this is my wife’s computer so she should be using it but the other computers have Windows En Espanol so they are a little more difficult to use (at least that is what I told her 😉 ). Anyway it is really cool to have your own computer to surf and connect to the rest of the world.

The biggest thing that I like about he Aspire One is how little it weighs. Really, I could carry twelve of these things. I am used to carrying my IBM T60 and my MacBook around and those guys with their power packs and everything are easily 20 ponds. The Aspire One is about 2 1/2 pounds with everything. The other nice part is that I am using the same back pack that I usually use with the other 2 laptops so we have room for a lot more stuff like snacks and souvenirs.

I am seriously considering getting my wife a pink Aspire One so I can inherit this blue one for myself. That sounds like a good Christmas present for her me for both of us.

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